DigiNote means revolutionary Documentation

Using DigiNote is one good way to save our beautiful planet

DigiNote is what you need

Forms, surveys, notebooks; Personal or professional, Private or public; On paper or on the cloud; All in one single solution!

Flexible Design

Notebooks, schedules, lists, forms or even agreements! Design your documents with our drag and drop designer in few minutes!

Publish or Print

You have freedom to publish your document to the cloud and/or print it on DigiPapers or recycled/eco papers!

Share or Distribute

Share your document with your friends, classmates, colleagues or employees or provide them with the printed documents!

Submit or Scan

Once document is ready users can submit the online documents or scan their printed documents with our Web or Mobile App!

AI Assistance

Artificial Intelligence will help you to take the most out of your documents by converting handwriting to text, template recognition and more.

Data Management

We give you many options to store or send your data into/to different databases, messaging queues, emails, clouds and web applications!

DigiNote workflow is easy

Just few steps to build your first revolutionary document...


Drag & Drop designer

With our drag & drop designer you can build any kind of document in just few minutes! Choose you page and template then drop your fields or write text or add pictures! From a simple Notebook page to a complex Form, all is possible...


Configuration wizard

First define an access policy, should you document be private or public? Choose your data storage strategy from predefined strategies and finally enable AI features to enrich your data! You are ready to publish your document...


It's up to you

you have the freedom to use your documents online via our Web/Mobile application and web browser (public documents), or to write on a reusable or eco-friendly paper and use our MobileApp to scan your document in a single step...

Customer testimonials

Customer feedback is sail of our ship, no matter positive or negative it will make us happy and resolute to improve

— Post office in my town has DigiPapers which is really cool! I filled a reusable form, operator scanned my form and in a sec I received my e-receipt! Before me there was this old lady who hadn't an email and after scanning her form a receipt was printed automatically! Really???


— I was really tired of archiving my notebooks and documents then I found DigiNote! It's amazing, I can build any kind of document, diary, shopping list, university notes, surveys, etc! where you have been before DigiNote??? :D


— We designed and ordered our corporate DigiBinders with reusable business forms! From business canvas to customer registration form ... We store our data in the corporate SQL database and we build process automation on top of it!

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